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Founded by Oxford(UK) / Wharton MBA and SBA 1995 Entrepreneur of the Year, Dr. Eleanor Chan; dual PhD. And winner of “The Best Thesis of the Year” (Statistic & Engineering) Dr. Kenneth Yu; and other leaders who are passionate about education, The American Advanced Academy, is proud to be Making a Difference In Education since its inception.

The American Advanced Academy is akin a “brain gym.” This award-winning after school college-prep program prepares and motivates children for entrance into top-rate Universities and Colleges across the nation, starting with our kindergarteners!

The Program challenges students to THINK and helps them reach their highest potential & their personal best. We seek to build self-esteem , where real learning begins.

The program is developed by a team of experienced scholars, teachers, and designers. Furthermore, the program is taught by a team of professors from top schools across the nation including Stanford, Duke, Cal, Oxford, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Brown, and many others.

We believe that all families should be able to secure an excellent education for their children. With our comprehensive & Challenging Programs, our commitment to providing an excellent education for every child we serve, we hope to make this goal an attainable one for you.

With your support, we believe we are building the most effective and compelling education program in the world — and your child deserves the best!

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