• “I looked at many other programs for my children but nothing compares to this wonderful teaching method and curriculum. I would recommend any parent who cares about quality programs to check the Academy out…”
  • “A Real Unique Camp…the best experience I’ve ever had!”
  • “My grades have improved a letter grade after taking Math EZ …”
  • “Before I took Math EZ I dreaded Math but now after taking Math EZ, I love Math!!”
  • “The teachers are role-models for my child. They are very nurturing and knowledgeable in the subject they are teaching…”
  • “My child cannot wait to come to class …I noticed a big difference in his attitude after a just a few short weeks at the Academy…”
  • “It is the most wonderful experience for my child…!”
  • “I like the positive reinforcement and the dedicated instructors…they helped my child patiently to catch up with the others…”
  • “While my child had problems at school, we tried many other programs but to no avail until a good friend told me about the American Advance Academy. Now he is doing so well at school. Thanks to the dedication of the teachers & their well balanced curriculum…”
  • “I had TONS & TONS of FUN! FUN & FUN!”
  • “It’s a Brain Gym…my three children learned so much at the SUPERKIDS Camp — and had so much fun, as well!”
  • “Congratulations on the ‘Best Of The West Award’— you truly deserve it!.”
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