Who We Are


The American Advanced Academy is a learning enhancement institute that believes in better educating a learner through building a strong educational foundation and developing a child’s self esteem. This is accomplished through personal attention that encourages a child to THINK, and a customized curriculum that develops problem solving skills. The program is further enhanced by individual coaching and personal tutoring. When students attend the American Advanced Academy, they not only learn skills, they learn how to learn. They learn how to build a strong foundation that provides confidence to face the many different life challenges. When they believe in themselves, enough to meet these challenges, students develop true self-esteem. We understand how important self esteem is, and that is why all our programs are designed to help each kid reach their full potential by helping them to set goals and feel a sense of real achievement.


Our Mission

Education is the cornerstone of world peace and prosperity. Therefore, helping students achieve academic success is one of the most important issues facing us today. The American Advanced Academy’s foremost mission is to educate today, the leaders of tomorrow. We believe in providing quality programs to better educate today’s youth and prepare them for the top rate colleges, universities and other higher institutes of learning. We are also dedicated to help the growing needs of students, of different ages, achieve their highest potential so that they may live enriched and full lives. In turn they can offer valuable and effective services to their community and the world that we all live in.


The AAA Advantage

Students that attend classes at the American Advanced Academy gain an AAA Advantage. They excel above their class by being taught to build basic skills and strong foundations that lead to confidence and increased motivation. At AAA, they learn to overcome learning obstacles with caring and attentive instructors and customized programs.


Learning to Learn

Courses are designed to stimulate the students’mind and to arouse optimum curiosity. Students will develop a passion for learning, embracing all the intricacies of the knowledge they will consume and digest. They do all this under the caring guidance of AAA’s Educators and Professors.

Comprehensive Assessment:

Each student is given a detailed assessment of where they need to be. At AAA, we realize that every child learns at a different pace, and we want to treat each child who comes to us special. They have to feel comfortable so that real learning begins.


AAA Academic Faculty & Coaches

“Passion & Skill make A Masterpiece…”

AAA Professors: AAA Educators and Professors are handpicked for their dedication to the art of teaching. They are well-qualified teachers and caring academic professionals that take pride in a child’s success. Many of our instructors hold advanced degrees and have taught at the college level for many years, and indeed, many are authorities in their field. In addition, these special individuals embrace AAA’s learning philosophies of giving their best to motivate and instill confidence in students they teach.  They are, in essence coaches and role models for later life.


Start Building A Strong Foundation Today

Good study habits and the right motivation are the beginning steps to a successful education. It is the beginning of building a strong foundation that ultimately builds a child’s self esteem and success in the community and the world we live in. Educate today, our leaders of tomorrow! Don’t wait to give your child the best that education can offer! Be Ahead! Let your child experience SuperLearning™.

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