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Dear Parents of Talented & Gifted Children:

Welcome to the American Advanced Academy, home of the renown MATH EZ™ and EGG™ ( Englishbuilder & Grammar Grabbers) programs, and the SUPERKIDS™ TALENTED YOUTH CAMP. The American Advanced Academy is an Academy for Advanced & Gifted Kids. Although, less than 1% of the entire population is tested as gifted, we believe that all kids are gifted, and with the right stimulus, will become advanced. In line with the American Advanced Academy’s, “Excellence in Education” commitment, our mission is to help students in our programs:

  • to excel and achieve their highest potential;
  • to enjoy their unique talents and to teach a child to celebrate achievement;
  • to awaken intellectual curiosity, a spirit of confidence & enthusiasm;
  • to promote a tolerance for ambiguity and the capacity to learn from one’s error;
  • to develop true self esteem;
  • And, to promote the habit of a life-long learner in a nurturing environment.

We are proud to boast that our entire program is developed and taught by a pristine academic team of professors from top rate universities, and other dedicated professionals that have advanced degrees. These academia are committed to helping your special child realize his/her full potential. They are trained to inspire confidence and passion in a given subject, be it writing, critical reading, logic, mathematical reasoning, art, music and the like.

Children are naturally curious and receptive. They must learn essential skills like reading, writing, calculating, logical thinking, questioning and analyzing. At the American Advanced Academy, we promote an ultimate learning experience. American Advanced Academy kids are given ample opportunities to explore, question, practice, read, write, think, and make things happen. We provide rich academic content to build a foundation for real life-long learning to begin. This will equip them with tools for later life to explore the world with confidence and thoughtfulness.

Last, but not least, we believe that children should be introduced to the legacies of mankind. Different cultures throughout history have created a rich legacy of knowledge and experience that creates our common culture as human beings. Indeed, we celebrate diversity at our Academy.

Your commitment to your children, family, and to academic achievements help to keep us focused on providing an exceptional education for every child we serve. With your input, we believe we are building the most effective and compelling education program in the world.

We invite you to review our course offerings and visit us. We’ll be happy to give you a tour of our campus and answer any questions that you may have. Please call us to schedule an appropriate time for your visit.

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Last Updated On April 15, 2013