• 99.8% of all students WHO took our test-prep course got accepted into a school of their choice!
  • Program designed to raise scores. Your child will Score higher in our program than any other!
  • Course taught by professors not just administrators or facilitators.
  • Simulated “Test Environment” & real practice test.
  • Small classes, individual attention & Customized study plans and personalized drills.

The AAA Advantage

The real test of a program is the successful end result. At the AMERICAN ADVANCED ACADEMY, 99.8% of our candidates have been accepted to a school of their choice. For those that are enrolled in our school year academic program, the acceptance rate among this group is reaching 100%.

TestSmart™ Scoring

With more than 45 years of combined Score-Raising-TestSmart™ experience, the AAA Advantageous Score-Raising-TestSmart™ course is the only course that thoroughly prepares students to Ace the test. Our TestSmart™ professors will guide your child through the test-taking process and equip each one of our students with all they need to get the high-score they want.

BrainWorks™ Training

Just like any of our courses offered at the Academy, we challenge your child to T-H-I-N-K! Like a Brain Gym, the constant interaction with the professors demands heightened attention at all times. There is no time to sleep in class! Focus and attention become a norm at all times. When your child’s mind is functioning at full capacity, he/she will sharpened his/her retention skills and the mind becomes so versatile that it can solve any simple or complex problem presented during the Test.

Score-Raising Lessons

An in-depth study and analysis of all previous tests are done by the AAA Academic Team of Educators and Academia, made up of both internal faculty and guest professors from the finest colleges and universities across the nation. Lessons are then prepared and precisely organized to allow students to study for what they need most to maximize their scores. This way, students can learn to maximize their limited time, effectively and go for what matters — scoring high!

Exam-Jitter Busters

Everyone has exam-jitters. At AAA, we will help your child release some of these nerves so that they can perform well. We create a “simulated exam environment” and students receive real practice tests. This extensive & intensive preparation will help build confidence in your child. It has also proven to ease exam tension and fears.

Small Classes & Individualized Attention

The small student teacher ratio increases personalized attention for each student. From the diagnostic exam, AAA will create a customized study plan that allows each student to focus their time on gaining the most possible points. Throughout the course, the professors will provide detailed guidance on how to improve. And, if needed, extra help is always available — at no additional cost.

GETTING READY FOR THE EXAM: Be the Best Test-taking Candidate!

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