World Language School

Conversational Mandarin / Japanese

This is a balanced introduction of listening, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese or Japanese with emphasis on everyday conversation and contemporary culture. It is designed for the student to learn to use the language comfortably through small group activities and cultural games. It focuses on the acquisition of basic communication skills, using creative, all-in-Mandarin / Japanese conversational approach in a fun and relaxed class atmosphere.


This course is designed to improve the student’s functional use of Spanish and increase their proficiency in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing. Students will continue learning to communicate in Spanish in individual, pair, and group activities as well as on the development of listening and speaking skills through communicative activities. Classes will be conducted in Spanish and in a fun and culturally rich format.

Educational Globe-Trotting

The World Language & Culture school organizes educational trips for students of all ages. All trips include a planned study of the country to be visited, its culture, political climate, language, and a survey of both ancient & contemporary literature. Highlights of the trip includes visiting the country’s points of interest, theaters and other local attractions. It is a fabulous way to see the world that we read about and live in. Please contact the office for the latest itinerary if you are interested. Happy Globe-Trotting!

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