Camp Leadership Training

On behalf of the American Advanced Academy’s Leadership Service Commission, we would like to invite you to apply for the most honorable and coveted membership to the SUPERKIDS™ TALENTED YOUTH CAMP 2018 LEADERSHIP TEAM as CAMP TEAM LEADERS (CTL) AND CAMP TEAM LEADERS-IN-TRAINING (CTLT) and CAMP BRIGADES.

Selection Criteria

  • Each year our award-winning Camp training program is met with overwhelming responses of resumes and very few are chosen.
  • The Leadership Service Commission will choose from among many well qualified candidates to join the prestigious and Best of the West Leadership Team.
  • We do however, give preference to returning applicants and student registered at the Academy.

Selection Process

  • Fill out an application
  • Write a persuasive paragraph for your “STATEMENT”
  • Submit your application packet by the Deadline specified.
  • You need to be present at a CPR – First Aid Training and be certified prior to the beginning of Camp.
  • As part of the fulfillment, you need also to be present at a Orientation & Work Session, prior to the beginning of Camp.

Camp Team Leader (CTL)

CTLs are leaders and they lead by example. They organize and orchestrate camp activities. They support members of the SUPERKIDS™ Academic Coaches, which make up the Camp’s faculty. CTLs’ main and foremost responsibility are to keep all campers safe. CTLs keep the camp running smoothly so that Camp Faculty can concentrate on sharing the Gift of Knowledge with our special SUPERKIDS™ CAMPERS. Last, but not least, CTLs take ownership and they will do whatever they can to make the Camp a safe & fun learning environment for everyone. In essence, they are proud to be a Camp Team Leader at SUPERKIDS™ TALENTED YOUTH CAMP!

Camp Team Leader-in-Training (CTLT)

CTL-In-Training (CTLT) are basically behavior, safety and fun monitors. They assist CTL in fulfilling their duties. They learn different skills of leadership, patience and working with young children. CTLTs take their duties seriously. They are important in the smooth running of the Camp. CTLTs are also appreciative of the opportunity to serve and do their best as leaders in training!

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