Enrichment One Week Camp


8:30 am to 4:30 pm

This special one week Camp is a fun-filled camp for maximum enjoyment and celebration after a year’s hard work. It is the perfect “REWARD” camp for all students — a REST and RENEWAL camp, giving the student a new charge, that is much needed in order to continue to be successful. The camp consist of 5 days of Educational Field Trips, LOGIC Games, ART OF STRATEGY, Team Competitions and other fun activities. Past excursions have includes trips to Tech and Discovery Museums, Space & Science Centers, IMAX Theatres, Rock Climbing, Team Relays & Picnics, Amusement & Recreation Parks, Ice Skating, Bowling, Movie Galore and other local attractions… Treat your child to this fabulous camp of the heart, mind and soul!


8:30 am to 4:30 pm

The SUPERKIDS™ Public Speaking Camp trains students in communication skills not generally taught in schools. This is a much needed camp for improving presentation skills and overcome shyness in the classroom and beyond. The camp will equip students with the Tools of Modern Communication, promoting them to better students and better leaders. This week-long program instills confidence, improves articulation, and hones clear and effective writing style. It helps each individual student takes the fear out of speaking in public and promotes exemplary classroom participation skills. The student will be able to deliver well-crafted presentations in and out of classrooms. Major topics covered include: Speech Writing, Persuasive Speaking, Debate, Model Congress, Reader’s Theatre, Improvisational Speaking and more. Campers will be broken into different skill-level groups. Students learn through doing – A Unique Dynamic Experience!

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