Other Camps & Enrichment

Multi-Award-Winning "Brain Gym"

Other AAA award-winning Camps:

  • English Boot Camps
  • Mistake-Free Grammar Boot Camps
  • Creative Writing Workshops
  • SuperLogic Spring Camps
  • Holiday SuperLogic Camps
  • Science & History Camps

The Multiple Award-Winning “Brain Gym”

  • A 6 Session Week-end Workshop
  • Mistake-Free Grammer & Writing Boot Camp
  • Easter Logic & Puzzle Mania Spring Break Camp

Math Festival

“Be A Math Whiz!”

We’ll set up a customized Math Festival at your school!


  • Fun Math
  • Mathematical Illusions
  • Math EZ™
  • Math in Everyday Life
  • Logics for Grade School
  • Math Puzzles

Anything can happen:

  • Beat your Dad in Math!
  • Be a Math Whiz for an evening!
  • Win Math Contest after contest!
  • Be dazzled with Mathmatazz!
  • Experience Life with Math EZ!
  • Just have lots and lots of fun!

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