The Program

What is The Program?

  • Intensive 6-week programs covering the coming year’s curriculum.
  • Designed for your child to fully understand & master concepts at each level of complexity.
  • Small Classes, Individual Attention, Lecture-type Workshops.
  • Lastly but not least, your child will be challenged to THINK !

Why Choose an AAA Summer Program?

  • Standard of excellence guide all our programs.
  • We are committed to Learning.
  • Our Education Principles are based on a simple model: that every child can achieve their maximum potential with the right stimulus and the right learning environment.
  • We believe in building a child’s self esteem, the very basis of healthy learning.
  • We seek to instill in students the skills and attitudes of the life long learner.

Skills You Will Learn and Master from an AAA “Excellence In Education” Program Are:

  • Heightened Intellectual Curiosity
  • Superior Study Skills & Focus
  • Deepened Capacity for Inquiry and Analysis
  • Fluency in Oral & Written Communication
  • Creative Expression & Aesthetic Sense
  • Sportsmanship & Healthy Competition
  • Appreciation & Respect For Diversity
  • Respect for Teamwork & Collaboration

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